40 Acts of Kindness for Kids

As a parent being on the receiving on of this great love, I want my kids to share this love and kindness beyond our house.  I want them to see that their small acts of kindness can touch so many people beyond our family.  It's through these simple actions that we can start showing children they have the ability to make a difference in other people's lives.  

Our Advent Calendar with a Kindness Scavenger Hunt

We're just a few days into our Advent calendar and we decided to try something a little different to change it up this year.  For the past few years, instead of small presents or chocolate each day, we have our children doing kindness acts for each other, family, neighbors and friends.  Our kiddos look forward to this activity every year - and they love the newly added twist.  

Crafting for a Cause: 5 Organizations That Need Your Help

I want to share 5 great organizations that need your time and talents.  They need volunteers to make handmade items.  It is often assumed that most items needed are for knitters and crocheters.  However, this list shows that crafting for a cause requires all different types of crafting skills.  I picked organizations focusing on different social issues, ranging from helping the homeless to children in the hospital. 

The Thai Videos that Leave You Crying Every Time!

I am a sucker for feel-good, heart-warming, tear-jerker movies, TV shows, and even commercials.  From the "I love you Daddy" last scene of The Little Mermaid, to Princess Mia allowing the children at the orphanage to walk the parade with her in The Princess Diaries to the Folger's Coffee commercial when the son returns from being deployed - TEARS.  And all my husband can do is shake his head.

5 Creative Way to Bring More Kindness to the Home

Does this sound familiar?  Weekdays busy with work and children busy at school and then running from activity to activity.  On weekends, instead of families relaxing, they are running from sports games to music lessons to dinner parties.  Do you feel like in the midst of all this busyness, you are missing some much needed quality family time?  As a mom of 4, I certainly fall into this category.

5 Lessons I Learned From Being a Parent that Helped Me Grow My Business

I started my own business when I was 4 months pregnant with my 4th child.  When I tell people that, I get the look ~ the look of disbelief, the look that I must be crazy.  How am I managing it all?  First, I clearly defined my priorities: my first job is being a mom.  My second job is running my business.  Then, I took some key lessons I learned as a mom of 4 and applied it to running my company.