For parents

What is Giving Artfully Kids?

Giving Artfully Kids is a program that helps children make a difference by becoming young philanthropists through crafting.  Our curriculum makes the act of giving, kindness, and empathy intentional.  Service learning projects through crafting is not a new concept, but our goal is to make this accessible and easily implementable so instructors can focus on teaching rather than hours of research, investigating, and planning. 

Where are your classes currently located?

We have several classes that are part of an after-school program.  If you are interested in having Giving Artfully Kids as part of your child's after-school enrichment programs, please contact us at

We do offer some programs that are independent of schools.  You can find those classes here.

What can we expect our children to learn in a Giving Artfully Kids class?

 For our younger students, we understand the concept of giving is sometimes to difficult to grasp.  Therefore, our goal every week is to focus on the 5 pillars of giving: kindness, respect, helping, compassion, and peace.  We believe that focusing on these 5 pillars will help build the foundation of the concept of giving which your children can build upon as they grow older.  We will typically start with an opener to help introduce the topic for the day and then have a craft that reinforces that principle.  We will also end with a reflection of what they learned and hopefully the children will bring home what they learned to share with their parents.

For our older students, we tie each pillar of giving with a social issue.  Our discussion will be tailored to different social issues that impact us locally, nationally, and internationally.  We will be respectful of each child's age, making sure the conversation is kept at an age-appropriate level.  We then will craft an item to help the social cause.  Our goal is to have our students feel empowered in making a difference.


A Crafting-Based Service Learning Curriculum that is Teaching Children How to Make a Positive Impact on the World.  

What is Included in Your Giving Artfully Kids Family Membership:

  • Each month, you will receive 1 crafting-based service learning project for one of 3 age levels (Early Childhood (3-6 years), Kindergarten-2nd, 3rd-6th grade)
  • Audio/Webinar instructions for all crafting-based service learning projects
  • Downloadable link for all service learning projects
  • Private Facebook Group for Giving Artfully Kids Members to ask questions, share tips and experiences (coming soon!)
  • -PDF Downloads and Worksheets to help organize you Giving Artfully Kids projects
  • Giving Artfully Kids Support for questions

Who is the Basic Level Membership for?

  • A parent looking to engage your child(ren) in kindness and giving activities on a regular basis 
  • A grandparent looking for a meaningful creative monthly project that they can do with their grandchild 
  • A homeschool parent or co-op looking to incorporate kindness and giving lessons 
  • Children ministries looking for monthly service projects