crafting-based service projects that teach kids to give & spread kindness

Giving Artfully Kids
Giving Artfully Kids
Giving Artfully Kids


Designed for families, schools, and church ministries that would like to engage their kids in kindness and giving projects on a monthly basis for children ages 3-12. What you can expect from our Giving Artfully Kids Program:

  • Step-by-step crafting based service projects that help engage and inspire children to make a difference

  • Simple, hands-on kindness activities that complement our crafting projects that will help inspire kids to think of others

  • Guidance in engaging your child in conversations about the importance of kindness and compassion for others

  • Accountability to spend time with your child each month focusing on helping others and being kind

  • Engaging kids and ourselves to be more aware of our own actions

  • Support and encouragement from the Giving Artfully Kids Team

  • Building the foundation where spreading kindness and helping others because part of your everyday routine!