TEDx Talk: October 27, 2106

Building Generation Kindness

This talk looks at the transformative journey to empower children of all ages to become active participants in philanthropy.

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CHICAGO TRIBUNE: July 27, 2016

Giving Artfully: Using crafting to teach children about philanthropy


Beye students, Belmont Village seniors team up on fundraiser Oak Leaves  Oak Park New


As a teacher for Giving Artfully I am amazed when I witness the creativity that giving inspires. Children can be great givers, we just need to guide them and provide them with the tools necessary to give
— Brenda ~ Giving Artfully Kids Instructor
Giving Artfully epitomizes this concept, my daughter has learned how her time and effort can positively change the lives of others. Also, in doing various projects and learning about who they are helping and how their actions make a difference, she has fun!
— Andrea ~ Parent
Instilling the value of kindness at a young age is crucial to create compassion and hope for our children’s future. I am honored to be an instructor on the Giving Artfully Kids team. Many students have told me that they LOVE coming to the Giving Artfully classes. They are enthusiastic about each project, excited to create, to learn, and—most importantly—to help others.
— Suzanne ~ Giving Artfully Kids Instructor
I learned that you cannot simply talk about the act of giving, you need to show children how they can be philanthropic with the tools that they already possess within themselves.
— Chaidan ~ Parent and Teacher