Who is this membership for?

The Premium Level Membership is designed for teachers and instructors who would like to teach a weekly program.  During the first month, there will be 8 crafting-based service projects for 3 age levels (age 3-6, ages 6-9 and ages 9-12).  

Each subsequent month, 2 new projects will be posted on the site.

Each charity crafting project includes:

  • Opening Activities
  • Social Issue/Kindness/Giving Discussion Questions
  • Crafting Project Instructions (materials list, tips, variations and beneficiaries)
  • Reflection Questions
  • Affiliate links to purchase materials and books 

The Basic Level Membership is designed for families, schools, and church ministries that would like to engage in a kindness and giving projects on a monthly basis.  

  • One charity crafting project will be electronically delivered each month based on the age of your children.  
  • Book and video suggestions as well as kindnes and giving activity will also be part of the monthly deliverable.
  • Affiliate links to purchae materials and books so you don't have to leave your home

Both memberships will also have a monthly live Q&A session as well as a private forum for Giving Artfull Kids members to share ideas, tips and ask questions.

We will also provide support finding other beneficiaries for the crafted projects.  

How many users can be part of the membership?

Our membership is designed for only one user.  For example, if you are a school with 2 teachers wanting to use our lesson plans, you will need to purchase 2 memberships.

How are the Service Learning Experience Projects delivered?

After joining Giving Artfully Kids, you will have access to our membership site that hosts our crafting based service learning projects, pillar of giving activities and bonuses.

There is a video tutorial for more difficult projects, but you you can download all projects. New service learning projects will be released every 30 days after you join the membership.

I can find projects like these for free online, why would I purchase your membership?

Our goal is to take the research and planning off your plate so you can focus on engaging your children or students in giving and kindness projects on a regular basis.

The projects on our website are also the same crafts we use in our own classes, so they have been kid-tested and teacher approved.

For our crafts and book suggestions, we provide affiliate links so you can easily purchase the materials online without needing to leave your home.

We also work closely with our partnering organizations to ensure donated items are to the exact specifications needed.

How have your students liked the program?

Our students have had a fantastic experience with our program. From engaging in thoughtful and meaninGful discussions to coming up with their own ideas to help others, Giving Artfully Kids has provided a forum for children to consistently and intentionally focus on the importance of kindness and giving.

How long do I have access? 

You can access our lesson plans and PDF downloads as long as you continue your Giving Artfully Kids Membership.

Am I able to cancel my membership at anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. However, you will no longer receive the new content that we will be releasing each month.

I still have more questions, who can I contact?

Please email us at GAKids@givingartfully.com with any additional questions you may have about our program.

Do you offer refunds or guarantees? 

If after 7 days, you do not like the materials you receive, you can email us at GAKids@givingartfully.com and we can provide you a refund.