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2 years ago I leapt outside my comfort zone. I was called to do something important not just for my family, but the community.  As a parent of 3 (with one on the way), I had a passion for helping others… and wanted to instill those values in my kids.  At the time I was struggling to find activities that were meaningful to both me and my kids. (Not to mention finding the time to research and plan those projects!)  I felt like I was doing things on a whim… wishing to make it more routine for our family. 

Giving Artfully Kids

Then I took that leap!

A friend urged me to start a program to teach children about giving and kindness - through my passion of crafting.  I taught classes, trained teachers, and developed my own unique techniques and lesson plans.  I watched kids have lightbulb moments when they realized they have the ability to make a difference in other people’s lives. 

My mission grew bigger!

I didn’t want to keep this to myself and my community. I wanted to empower more children to help others – Building Generation Kindness, one child at a time!  So, I created the Giving Artfully Kids Membership!

Giving Artfully Kids Membership

The Giving Artfully Kids Membership gives you a monthly step-by-step lesson plan to teach children about kindness and giving through crafting.  These projects show children how they have the power to change the world through kindness and giving. 

WHY CRAFTING?  Through crafting, we can show children FIRST-HAND their personal ability to help others. They understand the value of their own TIME AND EFFORT much more than the concept of monetary value.


Due to the high demand of families and teachers wanting our program, we have 2 levels of membership.

TEACHER LEVEL MEMBERSHIP – perfect for schools looking to implement crafting-based service learning projects

  • Monthly Delivered crafting-based service learning projects for all 3 age levels (ages 3-11)
  • Pre-made lesson plans and lesson plans split into 4 components to fit your classroom needs
  • Book/Video suggestion to engage children in talking about the social issues and Pillars of Giving
  • Instructor Training Module

FAMILY LEVEL MEMBERSHIP – perfect for families looking for monthly projects to engage children in acts of kindness and giving.  Each month you will receive:

  • Week 1: Crafting-based service learning project for one age level
  • Week 2: Pillar of Giving Activites and articles to engage kids throughout the month
  • Week 3: Video and/or article suggestion to engage children in kindness, giving and social issue discussions

A Closer Look at the Membership Site

The videos below provide a quick tour of our Teacher Level Membership and our Family Level Membership.




I realized the Giving Artfully Kids program had merit shortly after starting.

We received this feedback from one of our parents…

“As a parent, I want nothing more than for my children to grow up to be kind-hearted individuals who genuinely care for and respect others. Giving Artfully Kids epitomizes this concept, my daughter has learned how her time and effort can positively change the lives of others. Each and every day that she returned home from a class, she was so excited to share with me the project that she worked on and who it was impacting, she was excited to do more! I love this and I love that she is gaining an understanding and the positive feelings associated with helping others. Thank you Giving Artfully! ”

Our instructors are also loving our course.

"Giving Artfully is a great program! It teaches school age children the art of giving; an art that maybe only makes its appearance on holidays or birthdays. This program also teaches children about the need in their own community; it makes them more aware of things happening outside their own home and how they can do their part to help. As a teacher for Giving Artfully I am amazed when I witness the creativity that giving inspires. Children can be great givers, we just need to guide them and provide them with the tools necessary to give."


For now, just take a moment to think about the kindness and giving activities you currently do with your children and students.  Then, imagine what it would feel like to know that every month, you have lessons ready to engage your children. Fun, easy-to-follow, valuable activities – without time wasted on research and planning!

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Giving Artfully Kids