How to Jumpstart Kindness in Kids

Our Giving Artfully Kids instructor, Jessica Vacco recently wrote a guest post for Class Crashers about how to prioritize kindness discussions in the home.

Jumpstart Kindness in Kids

Here is an short excerpt from her blog post about 5 reasons why it is important to encourage conversations about kindness and helping others at home.

  1. Knowledge is power. With everything happening in the world, in our states, and even in our own communities, children should always be armed with the knowledge to help them handle situations. Being able to impart this knowledge to them on a level they understand is crucial. They aren’t going to process information the way we do, so conversation and discussion is more than necessary.
  2. Discussion helps the mind grow. Speaking to children about social issues sparks that light in them that they may not otherwise find. Just as asking how their day was is a great conversation prompt, opening up a discussion on social issues will encourage them to think about what’s happening around them and how they can help.
  3. You’re never too young to help. Children can sometimes feel helpless in situations, and it’s important to show them that they, too, can make an impact on the world around them. From making a bird feeder to knitting a scarf for the homeless, children have the power to make a difference.

You can read the rest of the blog post at Class Crasher's Blog:

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