The Thai Videos that Leave You Crying Every Time!

I am a sucker for feel-good, heart-warming, tear-jerker movies, TV shows, and even commercials.  From the "I love you Daddy" last scene of The Little Mermaid, to Princess Mia allowing the children at the orphanage to walk the parade with her in The Princess Diaries to the Folger's Coffee commercial when the son returns from being deployed - TEARS.  And all my husband can do is shake his head.

The producers of Thai commercials have nailed it - it seems like every video I watch on YouTube has sent me into a tailwind emotional ridiculous crying spree!  Also, being Thai and understanding not just the subtitles adds a little bit more to the story.

Kindness Stories

Thai Life Insurance came out with a video in 2014 about a man who performs random acts of kindness.  He doesn't expect anything in return.  He does it because that is who he is.  The video shows how things and people transform because of his kindness and culminates to a fantastic ending (cue tears!).  It shows that the simplest acts are sometimes the most powerful.  Always be kind without expecting anything in return - that is the greatest gift you can give anyone.

True Move has another heart-warming commercial about an act of kindness by an adult when he witnesses a boy stealing food.  This man offers to pay for the stolen food when he finds out that the boy's mom is sick.  People observing this incident could not believe that this man was helping out the little boy.  Fast forward 30 years later, and you see a woman sitting by her father who is laying in a hospital bed.  She is distraught and overwhelmed with her father's medical bill.  One day, she receives an envelope that states that all her father's bills were fully paid off.  The little boy from 30 years before that this many helped is now a physician in that hospital.  The boy from the beginning of the story, remembers the act of kindness by this man.  The man's actions inspired the boy to continue helping others, even as an adult when he is a physician.    

Thai Life Insurance hit the mark again with this heart-wrenching video.  It starts by showing a boy teaching himself how to play the guitar.  A group of boys, who formed a band, ridicule and poke fun at him.  However, one day, they spot him on the street playing his guitar.  They soon realize that he was teaching himself how to play the guitar to help pay for his mother's hospital bills.  What results from this is a beautiful friendship and bond that forms between these boys. (confession - I am crying as I'm writing this!)

This video is a story about a mother, daughter, and pineapple.  A mother who did not go to school feels like the only way she can teacher her daughter about life is by experiences.  "I'm happy to see her learn from her experience and solve problems on her own.  Someday, when I'm not around, I'll know she'll be just fine".    

These videos are fantastic for helping children understand the importance of kindness, giving, empathy and compassion.  It shows that the simplest acts make the biggest impact.  Thank you to the incredible producers for these heart-warming videos for reminding us that having compassion and empathy can make our world a better place.