Monthly 7-Day Kindness Challenge for Kids

I love the holidays - the energy, the joy and excitement from Thanksgiving through the New Year is contagious.

During this time, we are in the giving mood - we look for way to help others from donating extra change to the Salvation Army bell ringers to being secret Santas to families that cannot afford to buy presents for their children.

But then the New Year rolls around and the magic kind of disappears.

We get back to our everyday busy lives and forget the magic of holidays and how we open our hearts to help others.

So, we wanted to do something different this year…

We want to create something that would help families and teachers encourage and inspire their kids to think of others not just during the holiday time, but the whole year.

We had so much for with our 5-Day Kindness Challenge for Kids this past November and our Holiday Kindness Challenge in December…



The challenge rules are simple:

  • The challenge will run for 7 days, starting the first Monday of each month

  • We will send an email on Day 1 with ideas and this months freebie download

  • Jump into our Facebook Group where each day we will provide a prompt for a kindness idea. (It is only a suggestion, we just want you to intentionally perform a kindness act with your child

  • Share in the comment for that day what was your kindness act for each day

  • And some months - we may randomly select someone for a kindness prize!

During this 7-Day Challenge, you can expect:

✨Simple, hands-on activities that will help inspire kids to spread kindness

✨Free Kindness Guide and Cards

✨Challenging your kids everyday to one act of kindness

✨Accountability to spend a few minutes with your child each day about being kind

✨For 7 days, not only will you be engaging kids in being kind, but we’ll also be aware of our own actions

✨A special surprise at the end of the challenge for one randomly selected participant

✨Receive support and encouragement each and everyday!

Don’t wait and join us today!!