31 Days of Kindness Acts - Calendar and Tracker

With December just around the corner, let's end the year with an influx of kindness acts!  And more importantly, we need to do this with our kids!  The timing is perfect - 'Tis the season of giving'!

As parents, grandparents, teachers, aunts, uncles -- anyone that spends time with children -- we all can agree that teaching kindness, compassion, and gratitude are essential values.  If we can consistently find a way to involve kids in kind acts, it soon becomes part of their daily routine.  

We understand though - with the busyness of the holiday season, it can seem overwhelming to find the time and the ideas, so we decided to make it simple for you by creating our 31 Days of Kindness Calendar and Tracker.  

It's a simple 1-page monthly calendar or a daily calendar you can print out that gives suggestions for kindness acts.  We also have a created a tracker for you and your kids to fill out as you complete each kindness act.  

Stick on the fridge or somewhere in your house as a daily reminder to continue the kindness acts through the end of the year!

Just click here to download the Monthly, Daily, and Tracker so you can get started right away!  

Here are also some links to some of our activities we listed:
- DIY Blessing Bags
- Free Compliment Flyer

And if you are looking for more activities like this, be sure to check out the Giving Artfully Kids Membership.  It is an opportunity to continue inspiring and encouraging kids to spread kindness and give to others throughout the whole year.  Think of it as a digital subscription box - saving you hours of planning and research -- so you can spend quality time with your kids making a difference.

Here is a short video about our membership and click here for more information!