5 Parenting Tips and Quotes

As a mom of 4, Giving Artfully Kids has been such a blessing to my family.  Through my work, researching best methods on instilling kindness, compassion and empathy in children I have come across so many excellent parent tips and quotes.  Here are a few of my favorite that have helped me grow as a parent.  

Parenting Tips

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A simple concept ~ but so difficult to instill.  Especially in this day and age of technology and social media, children are measuring their worth on the number of "likes" they receive on social media.  We as parents, need to be sure that we tell our children everyday that they are beautiful, not just their physical features, but who they are inside.  And this is something we can start at a young age.  I've noticed my 6 year old say something about their appearance.  It makes me cringe knowing they are already aware of their physical looks, but I need to take this opportunity to remind them that their beauty is their personality, compassionate nature, and their generous heart.

Parenting Tips


Parenting is the most rewarding experience, yet the most difficult.  When our children succeed, parenting is pretty awesome - we feel like we're amazing parents!  However, when the kids make poor decisions, my first response is to get upset.  More often than not, I become over-emotional and treat my children unfairly.  They are just children and our job as parents is to guide and teach them.  I still have not perfected this, but trying to change my outlook of when a mistake happens.  I want to see the mistakes as a teaching opportunity.  I need to first take a step back and take a deep breath. Then, I need to look at the situation and remember how can we learn from these difficult times.

Parenting Tips


It is a saying that is all too familiar to parents - kids grow up too fast!  And it is so true!  I look at my family and cannot believe how quickly 10 years have passed.  My oldest is 10 ~ when did that happen?  It happened in a blink of an eye and our family of 3 quickly grew to a family of 6.  As life gets busier as the children grow older, we can easily forget to really enjoy the present moment.  We need to live in the present, because we can't change the past and we can't control the future.  We can however, live and love today.

Parenting Tips


Children are amazing and I am guilty of underestimating their ability.  It is too easy to do things for our children because it is faster and more efficient.  "Mom, can I help you cook?"  "No dear, I don't want you near the stove" or "No honey, I don't want you to make a mess".  How will they learn?  If we do everything for our kids, how will they learn independence and the confidence to do things on their own?  Even if it takes an extra 10 minutes to involve them in various chores or activities, by doing so nurtures their growth and sense of responsibility.

Parenting Tips

parenting tip 5: never stop being a role model

We, as parents, are our children's first teacher and role model.  Children are like sponges, soaking up everything.  We have this opportunity to instill the values that will be part of their life forever.  The sooner we teach our children, the sooner it becomes a part of who they are.  This is one of the reasons why I started Giving Artfully Kids.  It is our opportunity to instill in children the values of kindness, compassion and empathy so it hopefully becomes part of who they are as they grow older.

Parenting Tips

I hope these tips were helpful.  Parenting is an incredible experience, however one most difficult things you’ll ever do.  You experience highs and lows like in no other job you have.  But in the end, being parent becomes so rewarding that it is worth all the heartache and hardships that come along with the joy, happiness and love.