Join the Challenge


by Chaidan Leshinski

Summer is officially here. For many of us, that means time at the beach or pool, playing outside in the sprinkler, endless popsicles, staying up past bed time, and many fun times in the sun. 

As a parent, we feel like summer break is our child’s reward for all of the hard work that they did during the school year. We love to watch them have well-deserved fun. In the midst of all of the summer activities, I find that sometimes the daily routines, structure, and rigid agendas, fall to the wayside. I sometimes have to remind my children to pick up their toys, say please and thank you, help our elderly neighbor bring in her trash. 

In an attempt to allow my children to still have fun in the sun, but also to remind to be kind and respectful, we joined the Summer Adventure in Philanthropy. This adventure encourages children to perform 14 Acts of Helping/Kindness and provides ideas of how your child can help others. The Summer Adventure in Philanthropy Kit is free, and once your child has completed the challenge, they will receive a Young Philanthropist Medal and Certificate. 

To join the challenge, its free and easy. Just follow the steps below: 

  1. Visit the website:
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “JOIN THE CHALLENGE”
  3. Enter your email, and receive the Summer Adventure in Philanthropy Challenge PDF.