Summer Adventure in Philanthropy Challenge

UPDATED: Looking for a kindness challenge for kids this summer, check out our SPREADING KINDNESS SUMMER CHALLENGE!  Click here for more details.

School is out and summer is here!  Let's make it an impactful summer and have your child join us for a Giving Artfully Kids SUMMER ADVENTURE IN PHILANTHROPY!

Summer Challenge - continue giving

What is the Summer Adventure in Philanthropy Challenge?

The Summer Adventure in Philanthropy Challenge is a challenge for children to perform 14 Acts of Helping and Kindness this summer.  Children will get to explore helping and kindness at different levels.  The challenge starts at the family level and finishes with children helping an organization that focuses on international philanthropy.

How can my child participate in the Summer Adventure in Philanthropy Challenge?

Follow this link and we will send you the Summer Adventure in Philanthropy Kit.  The kit includes a map, instructions and ideas for acts of helping/giving.  Each time your child completes an act of helping, have them write down it down in the rectangle. 

Once they finished the 14th act of helping, send us a picture of their map with you mailing address and we will send them their Young Philanthropist certificate and medal.

Do we need to stick with the suggested ideas of helping?

No, these are just suggestions, but if you have any questions about ideas, please contact us at

When does the challenge end?

The challenge ends on Sunday, September 4.

What is #GAKYoungPhilanthropists?

If you are on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, use the hashtag #GAKYoungPhilanthropists to share your child's progress.  You can also post pictures on our Facebook Page:

Ideas for Organizations to Donate To:

Check back on 7/1/16 for more ideas for your child to help donate to.

Please let us know in the comments below if you and your child are joining the challenge!