Welcome to the Giving Artfully Kids Blog

Welcome to the Giving Artfully Kids Blog.  We are so excited for your to be here.  A little bit about me and Giving Artfully Kids... I piloted our first Giving Artfully Kids during the Fall of 2014 when I have a parent friend ask me if I could start an after school program that uses crafting projects as a way to teach children about philanthropy and giving.  With a fellow mom friend and a list of charity crafting project, we embarked on this amazing journey.

Giving Artfully Kids - Teaching Children Kindness and Giving through Arts and Crafts

Today, in just a short time, we are making a presence in several schools and park district in the community.  Seeing the children embrace their newfound ability to help others, I wanted to spread this program outside our community.  Thus, the beginning of the Giving Artfully Kids program, where instructors from anywhere in the world, can become a Giving Artfully Kids Instructor and teach children that they have the power to make a difference.  We will not only provide the lesson plans, but also continued support on crafting questions, social issue discussion, and how to market & price the program.  The Giving Artfully Kids program can be part of the school day, after school program, summer camp or a one day workshop.

We want to use our blog to share different ides for charity crafting projects, share our experiences in the classroom and highlight our amazing instructors.  

Thank you for joining us on this journey and welcome to the Giving Artfully Kids community.

~ Sitinee Sheffert

Founder of Giving Artfully Kids